A Gentle Feast

Smooth and Easy Days Are Closer Than You think!

Hey, I’m Julie.

I’ve Been There Too.

Putting together lesson plans, finding material, getting the whole family involved…

I looked for support, but nothing seemed to work.

As a professional educator, I decided to do something.

Smooth and Easy Days Are Closer Than You think!

You & Your Children Will Love Learning Again


A Gentle Feast brings your family together as much as possible while still providing grade-appropriate material.

Charlotte Mason Inspired

This curriculum is a feast of living ideas founded on Miss Charlotte Mason’s philosophy and principles.

A Living Approach

This curriculum is deeply rooted in the living ideas found in books, beauty and Biblical truth. It is gentle to both mom and child, while providing a firm academic foundation.

A Complete Curriculum

Did you ever buy a teacher’s manual or online lesson plans, then come Monday have NO idea what you were actually supposed to be doing with your children?

That won’t happen with A Gentle Feast. Our online base curriculum includes a parent portal with online lesson plans for grades 1-12 using living books for all subjects except Math, plus SO MUCH MORE!

Your Online Parent Portal Curriculum Includes

Introduction course

We will walk you through everything you need to do to get started

Editable Tools

Schedules, exam templates, book lists, and more to make every day easier!

Parent handbook

Our explanations help give you confidence to implement each subject the way Miss Mason did

36 Weeks of Lesson Plans

The spreadsheet format lets you easily edit and customize for your family’s needs and preferences!

Extensive Book Lists

Hyperlinked to free and audio versions to save you time and money!

Foreign Language Plans

Charlotte Mason’s approach is super easy and fun (even if you don’t speak the language)

Facebook Member’s Only group

An incredible treasure of community and support

Geography lessons plans and map drills

All “mapped” out for you

HUGE video resource list

Modern technology can be so useful in a CM education!

FAQ video library

Find answers to all of your questions!

Lifetime Access

You can utilize these plans again and again as you cycle back through the history rotations as your child progresses through the forms.

And More!

Customize With Optional Elements

Morning Time Bundle

Your mornings will open and go with this beautiful manual full of the morning time plans, poems, pictures, and hymns. Also included are digital student pages with lovely Black and White line-drawn pages for your child to have in a Morning Time Binder or Menu, putting everything they need right at their fingertips.

Learn more about Morning Time

Printed Teacher Planner

You don’t want to miss our beautifully printed full color Teacher Planner! This planner makes smooth and easy days possible with 36 weeks of lesson plans laid out to quickly access all four forms, making planning for multiple ages a breeze. The planner also includes important information on how to teach each subject according to Miss Mason’s philosophy, narration help, book talk questions, yearly and term planning pages, extension activities, booklists, and SO much more! This product must be purchased as an addition to the online base curriculum.

Language Arts Student Packets

Based on each cycle’s readings and time period, our Language Arts books are an essential addition to the online base curriculum, providing lessons in copywork, dictation, composition, and in the elementary years, grammar. Students who are not yet fluent readers, would benefit from our handwriting and reading curriculums.

Learn more about Language Arts

A Gentle Feast was the answer to all of our homeschool needs. Having everything already laid out for me has been a game changer.” – M. Crain

A Four Year Cycle

Parents and children love the Charlotte Mason approach to history–a cycle based on a four year history rotation. All children learn about similar periods together, with depth appropriate for their age. Learn more about how Charlotte Mason scheduled History.

Cycle 1 – Columbus, Conquests, and Colonies

Cycle 2 – Wars, Whigs, and Washington

Cycle 3 – Reforms, Revolutions, and Reconstruction

Cycle 4 – Marvels, Machines, and Modern Times

We recommend starting with cycle one, but you can select any cycle based on the period of history that’s right for your family.

Age Appropriate Structure

Similar to Charlotte Mason’s method, A Gentle Feast divides the curriculum by grade ranges instead of individual grades.

We group lessons by Lower Elementary (grades 1-3), Upper Elementary (grades 4-6), Junior High (grades 7-9), and Senior High (grades 10-12). 

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Homeschool Success

Dear Parent,

I created A Gentle Feast because it is what I wish I had when I first started homeschooling. I was overwhelmed with the different curriculum options. I longed for a guide that would show me how to create a homeschool rooted in Charlotte Mason’s methods and philosophies that was user friendly and family centered. I realized that homeschool is very different from teaching in the classroom.

I couldn’t find anything that fit my family and ended up spending hours trying to piecemeal a plan together. I had three kids under the age of three while trying to homeschool two elementary children, and it was all too much. I ended up quickly burning out.

As a professional educator, I’ve worked with hundreds of students and parents over the past 20 years. So, since a solution didn’t exist, I decided to develop it myself.  I wanted to provide parents with the tools and resources needed to provide a rich and abundant educational feast full of books, beauty, and Biblical truth.

I wish I’d had a guide like this to get started. Following A Gentle Feast has breathed life and beauty into our homeschool. It has been a night and day difference. I pray it will do so for your family as well, however you may choose to implement it.

Julie Ross

I can’t rave enough about A Gentle Feast. For 5 years I have been hodge-podging our curriculum. I lacked a rythmn and reason. A Gentle Feast was our answer, the material flows so nicely together. Giving us reflection and time for things to soak in.  Thank you Julie!!

Customer L.

A Gentle Feast has been like a big breath of fresh air. As a homeschool mom in my 18th year, I’ve almost tried it all.  My kids are happy, and I am relieved. It’s been the best thing I’ve done in our homeschool in at least 10 years. Thank you so much!

Melanie R.

We have been using A Gentle Feast Morning Time packet this year and love it! Without my having to select & find resources on my own, this schedule has brought a much-needed sense of order to our mornings and a foundation of truth & beauty to our days!

Tammy W.

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Join the hundreds of parents who found smooth and easy days. It's easier than you think!