Three Tools Class



Charlotte Mason said we have three tools as home educators- the atmosphere or environment, the discipline of habits, and living ideas. For three power packed lessons, we will deep dive into how to use these tools to breathe life into your homeschool!

This is a great class for those considering using the Charlotte Mason method, those who have just started and need some foundation, and those who have been homeschooling for a while but feel a little burned out and need a renewed vision!

Here's what folks have said about this course:

Julie, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I just finished the replay since I was unable to make it live because of co-op, but this was just what I needed to hear! Everything you described about how you used to be as a drill sergeant mom, that is how I feel most days. And I don't want to be like that anymore.
I really want to get back to having fun and providing a relaxed atmosphere for my kids. Thank you for this encouragement and for reminding me to
check my thinking. Can't wait for the other workshops!! -Ashley

Just watched the replay, thank you so much! Can't wait for tomorrow's class. Since I started homechooling 4 years ago, I have been overwhelm most of the time. I've been making some headway but I feel this is the missing piece of the puzzle. So grateful for this class, can't thank you enough, this is going to change everything. It's exactly what I needed, I feel God has used you to shed light into the problem of why my kids are complaining about homeschool and all the time really. Again so grateful, thank you! -Steph P

Our course will guide you through the three core principles:

1. **Atmosphere:** Learn how to foster an enriching, nurturing home atmosphere. Discover how YOU have the power to create the environment you want for your family. You will learn how your thoughts and mindset impact your homeschool and how to not let overwhelm and discouragement keep you stuck.

2. **Discipline:** Charlotte Mason's approach emphasizes the importance of good habits and self-discipline. We'll provide practical strategies to instill these qualities in your child, fostering attention and responsibility.

3. **Life:** Education should prepare children for life, not just exams. Explore how to invigorate your homeschool with living ideas that will cultivate life-long learners.

**What You'll Gain from Our Course:**

- The 4 ways to consistently instill rich ideas in your homeschool day

- The 7 practices to avoid to if you don't want to kill your child's curiosity.

-How to develop the habits of attention and obedience

- The steps to building new, positive habits

- The routines you need to plan for a productive day

- The growth mindset essential to confidently approach your homeschool

- The tools you must have to get out of the negative ruts that are holding you back

Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your child's education and create a nurturing, engaging, and holistic learning experience at home. Invest in your child's future by embracing Charlotte Mason's timeless wisdom. Together, let's inspire a love for learning that will last a lifetime.

This course is pre-recorded. Upon purchase, check your account for the course under your memberships! You will have lifetime access to this course, so you can continually watch the videos anytime you need to refocus on what truly matters in your homeschool!