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Welcome to A Gentle Feast’s FAQ Page

It is our hope that these videos will answer most of the common questions we recieve. If you need additional support, please see our Members Only Facebook Group.



Making the Transition from Public School




How do you approach narration when you have more than one child narrating at the same time?
Will the Charlotte Mason method teach my high schooler everything she needs to know?
How do you give exams and keep records of them?
What material do you recommend for a first grade advanced reader?
Should my child give a narration every time she reads or only at the end of a book?
Should I have my kids orally narrate family read-alouds?
How do you display Morning Time art?
Julie shares what her school day looks like!
How can I tell if my child needs more language arts support?
What does the transition between forms look like?
If we skipped parts of Cycle 1, should we go back and finish them? Or should we move on to Cycle 2?
Recommendations for Early Readers

How should I approach brush drawing with my children?
Recommendations for Summer Reading
If I have kids close in age, should I keep them in the same form?
What if my homeschooled child and I both have ADHD?
Is A Gentle Feast curriculum ever updated and enriched?
How can I keep younger siblings occupied while teaching my older children?
How can I help my high school student see the value of this rigorous curriculum?
How can I ensure we spend enough time outdoors while still maintaining our school schedule?
When we get off track in the curriculum, should we pick up where we left off or move on to the next level?
With many children in different grade levels, what should my daily schedule look like?
How do I help my children move on to the next subject when they don't want to?
What should I do if the readings take us longer than the allotted time?
Tips for Narrations and Book Talks
At what point should I start teaching typing?
Should I correct spelling on written narrations?
It's the end of a term, and we have not finished all of the books yet. What should I do about exams?
Will a Charlotte Mason education prepare my child for college?
How do I help my children stay focused?
Do you often vary types of narration?
Do you still do formal lessons in the summer?
When do you suggest teaching cursive?
Can I keep a 3rd and 4th grader in the same form?
What are your suggestions for keeping records in high school?
What is the difference between copywork and transcription?
How should we incorporate free reads into our schedule?
If my child is struggling with a particular sound, should we do additional phonics work?
What are your suggestions for composition skills in Forms 1-3?
What are the time tables for each form?
Do you make a journal entry during your nature walk?
What if we get behind in school during difficult life circumstances?
Should I incorporate activities into narrating and reading?
How should we use narration notebooks?
What books do you recommend for mothers?
How should we use the Handbook of Nature Study?
What should we do if we get behind in school?
Should I feel guilty for cutting something of value from our school schedule?
What are creative ways to fit the whole feast into a busy season of life?
What should we do after Sing Solfa?
What is the Form 1 Year 2 foreign language plan?
How should I assign grades in high school?
Dictation Walkthrough
How should we approach handwriting?

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Tips for Homeschooling in a Large Family
When should I stop reading to my child and have them read independently?
How can I keep younger siblings occupied while working with older children?
How should we use the Book of Centuries?
How should we pace ourselves with copywork?
How should we approach dictation?
How often should we practice phonics in Form 1?
What are the differences between written narration and composition?
How do you manage your schooling schedule and housekeeping schedule?
How often do you review the foreign language flashcards?
What is the difference between nature study and outdoor time?
How can I help my child stay engaged during mental math exercises?
Should I archive my children's oral narrations?
Tips for Creating Exams
How should I approach narration with two children in the same form?
How do you approach narration when you have many children in many different forms?
What do you do if your children say they hate school?
What is a line drawing in picture study?
How do you handle written narrations that are assigned several days after reading the content?
What does mastery look like in Sight and Sound lessons?
My form 1 student is an advanced reader; should we skip to form 2 books?
How do you make exams a success in form 1?
If my older child is new to narration, should we start with oral or written narrations?
Will my children learn all the historical dates and facts if we use the Charlotte Mason method?
How do we catch up when we get off track due to illness or special events?
How do you handle two children in the same form using the same books?
Should I assign my older student to write out her narration as a composition?
What if mom is not a handicraft person?
What if my child is parroting back the book and not forming their own thoughts during narrations?
If I have a Form 2 child reading on their own, should they be narrating to me?
How do I determine if my child recalled enough from their narration?
Should I let my advanced reader read to himself or should I read to him?
How do I determine the reading level of a book?
I'm starting homeschooling in the middle of the year. What advice do you have?
How do I start narration with a six-year-old?
What should we do when the high school readings are taking longer than the allotted time?
What can we do in the summer to prepare an upcoming Form 1 student for the new routine?
How can I help a 7-year-old and 9-year-old get started with narration for the first time?
What should I do with two kids who are in the same form but only one of them is independent?
How can I foster in my children a love for living books?