Become A Gentle Feast Influencer!


  1. Cash pay outs via Paypal for all purchases made by customers you refer. 10% for the basic level and 15% for premium (over 50 referrals).
  2. Opportunities for cross-promotion, giveaways, and other partnerships.
  3. Savings on your purchases, 10% initially, 20% after 6 months, 30% after a year. ***After completing the requirements and having 10 completed referrals.
  4. Influencer group emails to learn about new products and special offers.
  5. Special coupon codes just for your followers.
  6. Occasional gifts and other surprises to show our appreciation for you.



  1. Write a mid-year and year-end review on the social platform of your choosing (Your Blog, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) *** Send a link to [email protected] to qualify for the next discount level.
  2. Post on Facebook or Instagram once per month showing how your family is using AGF. Use #agentlefeast.
  3. Read influencers’ communications so you don’t miss out on any special incentives.
  4. If you are on Facebook, send a friend request to juliehross to be added to the influencer group.