A Gentle Feast is packaged into two components.

Parent Resources

Parent Resources are the foundation of A Gentle Feast. Here’s what’s included in the Parent Resources Bundle:

1. Foundational Methods and Principles ebook.

This 90 page book contains a wealth of information to help you get started using a Gentle Feast. It explores each subject and gives you practical help for each part of the feast. Miss Mason’s practices of narration, copywork/dictation, and scheduling are clearly laid out and explained. There are printable templates to use for creating exam questions, assessing your teaching, and weekly planning. Sample 4 and 5 day schedules are included for each Form. This book will give you the tools you need to prepare a rich and varied educational feast for your family.

Click HERE to see a sample.

2. Morning Time Packet.

36 weeks of plans for grades 1-12 in the following subjects:

  • Bible- Memory Verses, Weekly OT, Psalms and NT readings
  • Hymn Study- Lyrics included
  • Poet Study- 3 poets for the year, all poems included
  • Recitation- Poetry for Forms I-III and poems, Shakespeare, and speeches for Form IV – All selections included.
  • Picture Study- One artist each term with hyperlinked pieces
  • Composer Study- One composer each term with hyperlinked selections
  • Fables/ Hero Tales- Readings given for four different levels. Pick the one that fits your family best!


Click HERE for a sample of the morning time packet.

3. Weekly Lesson Plans

36 weekly lesson plans for grades 1-12 for all subjects except Math.

These plans will be emailed to you as a printable pdf. and you will have access to online spreadsheets in the membership area.

A planning video shows you how to customize these plans for your family and quickly plan your week.

  • Please note: You will need to purchase the living books and a few guides that are utilized in these plans. See the booklist for more information.


Form I (grades 1-3)

Form II (grades 4-6)

Form III (grades 7-9)

 Form IV (grades 10-12)

4. Membership Page

Included in your package is a one year membership to the Green Year Membership Page.

On this page, you will find links to all the lesson plans, resources, and schedules needed to make implementing A Gentle Feast a breeze.

Membership also includes access to the Private Facebook group for members only.

BONUS: 5 Day Email Introduction Course

In this Introduction Course, you will learn:

  • How to organize your supplies and materials for A Gentle Feast
  • How to plan and record your weekly lessons
  • The routines and rhythms of A Gentle Feast
  • The foundational methods and principles of Language Arts in  A Charlotte Mason Education
  • How to customize A Gentle Feast for your family
  • The role of the Holy Spirit in your homeschooling


Student Language Arts Packets

Student Language Arts Packets are available for Forms I-IV for each color year of AGF. Here’s what’s included in the Language Arts Packets:

  1. The Bible memory verse, hymn lyrics, and poems for recitations.
  2. Weekly selections for copywork and prepared dictation.
  3. Creative writing and drawing prompts for Forms I and II
  4. Composition prompts for Form III
  5. Coordinated composition lessons, historical quotes, and blank planning pages for Form IV.
  6. Phonics and beginning grammar concepts for Form I.
  7. Grammar Lessons for Form II

Form I-III packets come in both print or cursive font.

All packets are available as a digital download only or with an additional printed copy. The printed copies have a color cover and black/white pages. The printed copies take 7-10 business days to ship.

A Gentle Feast is a Charlotte Mason Curriculum for the entire family built upon a rhythm and routine similar to that of a four course meal.

A Gentle Feast has four cycle years of curriculum based on a four year History rotation modeled after the programmes of Charlotte Mason. To find out more about how Miss Mason scheduled History, see THIS POST. To choose the year that is right for your family, see the diagram below. Your family will all be in the same color year in order to study the same time period.