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Thank you so much for tuning in to the Charlotte Mason Show! Your support of the podcast means so much. I hope the episodes have left you encouraged and equipped to provide this rich style of education in your homeschool. For being a faithful listener, I would like to offer you these free gifts:


A free 4 day introduction to her philosophy

Yesterday we started term 1 day 1 of this incredible curriculum. I’ve been designing my own CM curriculum and it was taking hours upon hours each week.

In discovering this curriculum last Monday my husband and I bought cycle 2 Wednesday and I have gotten everything ready and started our year over; I could cry… this is the first time in ages my son WANTS to and LOOKS FORWARD to school. We are done by lunch and I feel like I am home.

Thank you so much Julie for sharing this beautiful feast with us! It has already been the deepest answer to prayers

Ash T.

Here are my top 5 reasons I chose AGF & keep choosing it, 4 years later:

1. Kids of various ages/forms all in the same history era(s)—This just saves my sanity!

2. AGF includes so much, in easily accessible formats, including editable digital plans with easy-to-print student pages, too.

3. AGF is gentler, overall—yet still rich. For Form 1, AGF uses many lovely picture books.

4. AGF includes so many extras—in the form of “hand holding” as well as complementary digital resources.

5. Julie Ross truly displays a flexible & humble attitude about her resources, & the spirit of the members-only group reflects that spirit too.

Tammy W.

Can I just say how much I love the online/Excel/editable lesson plans? Last year, when we started AGF, I thought I would need and love the printed plans, but to my surprise, it’s the digital ones I love.

️I’m sitting here working on portfolios (a task I usually dread mightily and wait until April or May to tackle), and it’s so nice to refer to the editable plans and the booklist as tabs on my computer rather than paging through stacks of plans for five students.

I also love being able to edit them when planning, because we are not going to do extra weeks of official school just to complete the AGF 36-week schedule.

Nicole F.

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