Cycle 1 Term 2 Art Class Vermeer


We are excited to announce our newest online class.  For Term 2, there will be 8 classes focusing on the life and work of Vermeer. Each class will include background information and an art lesson related to the picture study print. Lessons will focus on drawing techniques, painting, sculpture and mixed medium.  All classes are prerecorded, so you don’t have to worry about being online at specific time each week. Classes will be geared towards upper elementary, but are great to do together as a family.

Meet the Teacher:

Heather Ratcliff is a native of sunny South Carolina.  As a child she always loved drawing and doodling and one long, hot boring summer, her mom signed her up for art lessons.   That summer, a lifetime love of art was born in her little heart while painting in a tiny art studio that smelled like citrus turpentine.  She painted her first oil painting at age 8 and then proceeded to fill the walls of her home with watercolor paintings, charcoal drawings, acrylic paintings, woodcuts, and photography all the way from elementary school through grad school. Her supportive mom and dad framed artwork as fast as she could produce it and a lot of it is still hanging on the walls of their home to this very day.  (Never underestimate the lifelong empowerment of a supportive parent!)   After majoring in English and Minoring in Art at Presbyterian College, she opened an art studio for kids in Irmo SC called Outside the Lines.  Her first few students were homeschoolers, and then for for many years, it was a fun and successful creative outlet for hundreds of young artists from every walk of life. Her studio was awarded  "Best Children's Art Studio in Columbia" by readers of the Free Times and was featured in an article in a local magazine.  After pursuing a Masters of Arts in Teaching from the Art Education Department of the University of South Carolina, Heather taught art at a variety of public schools, private schools, and homeschool hybrids.   Currently she teaches online English to Chinese students and offers fun art experiences hither and thither wherever there may be a need for some fun and creativity. She and her husband live out in the country along with their three teenage children - all of whom have a distinctive creative bent and somehow have each survived being homeschooled so far.  When she's not being artsy, you can find Heather kayaking with her husband or napping with her beloved, lazy basset hound,

You can watch a sample class here: