Cycle 2 Online High School English Course


Classes start September 13, 2021!!!!

Space is limited to 15 students, so don't delay.

Purpose: To help support parents who are using A Gentle Feast curriculum to provide their Form IV children with more literature tools, class discussion, and formal composition lessons. Designed with the busy homeschooling family in mind, classes are hosted in our virtual classroom allowing students to log in and complete assignments at their convenience. This class can be taken independently of the rest of A Gentle Feast curriculum!

Schedule: Classes will meet for a ten week term, allowing additional time for end of term exams. Classes start the week of 9/13/2021. Classes are hosted on our online platform, so there is no need to log in at a certain time. Students will watch the weekly video and upload their assignments into this platform. 

Grades: Parents will give their child the grade for this course. Instructors will give writing and literature discussion feedback. Parents may choose to have their child rewrite the papers for a mastery grade. End of Term exams will be given, and the instructor will give feedback that the parents can use to determine their child’s grade as well.

Materials: Instructors will upload the weekly literature and writing assignments into the online classroom. This will include all student materials. The Form IV LA packet will not be necessary. Parents will need to obtain the literature books, though most are in the public domain. A booklist will be sent out upon purchase. Students will also need a reliable computer and high speed internet access. Books included in this course: Pride and Prejudice, The Lively Art of Writing, Poetry by Phillis Wheatley, The Scarlett Letter, The Autobiography of Ben Franklin, and A Tale of Two Cities.

Assignments: Students will be responsible for logging in each week to complete their assignments. These may include:

  1. Watching the literature video and responding to the prompt.
  2. Reading from the literature text.
  3. Responding to the online literature discussion.
  4. Composing and uploading their written or oral narrations.
  5. Give feedback on another’s student’s narrations.
  6. Choose a commonplace quote and share in the virtual classroom.
  7. Watching the composition lesson video.
  8. Reading the composition text (if applicable)
  9. Completing and uploading the composition assignment (if applicable)
  10. Giving feedback to other students’ writing
  11. End of term exams

Format: This class will meet in a private Google classroom. Only registered students and the instructor have access to the classroom to ensure your privacy. Assignments and reading materials are posted by the instructor each week Your child will visit the classroom daily to watch the video, read helpful information about the current topic, or to find the assignments. The content and discussion is not live, but posted weekly and is readily available in any time zone. Instructors check the classroom throughout the day to answer questions and give feedback on writing. Instructors will respond to all questions within 24 hours. Instructor feedback will be given on assignments within three days.

Writing is done at home, typed into the classroom, and shared with the instructor and other classmates. Instructor feedback to student writing is offered for all participants to read. Writing is done at home, typed into the classroom, and shared with the instructor and other classmates. Instructor feedback to student writing is offered for all participants to read. This encourages students to learn through others as well as through their own work. Many times students make similar mistakes, so this allows for the teacher to teach all students at one time. Peer editing is an important component of this course. Practicing editing and revising the work of the student's peers benefits all, especially the student. They can take those skills and apply them to their own work as well.

Cost: The cost of the course is $400, which includes a registration fee of $50. Upon purchase, you will be redirected to a page with a Google Form to fill out your registration information.

Refund policy: The refund schedule is as follows:

  • Between enrollment and two weeks before class begins: 100% minus registration fee of $25 per class per student.
  • Two weeks before class begins: 50% of tuition minus the registration fee.
  • After class begins: No refunds or transfers for any reason.

Please note: One week prior to the start of a course, the instructor will hold a brief orientation session for parents and their students. This session is an opportunity for students, parents, and instructors to introduce themselves to one another, test the classroom technology, and ensure everything is in working order for the first day of class. Parent and student participation is strongly suggested. Details regarding the orientation session will be provided by the instructor via email during the month of August. If you or your student are unable to attend the orientation session, please contact the course instructor for access to the recording of this session.

Would you like to know more about this course? Listen HERE to a conversation with Julie Ross and Chelli Guthrie about the vision, purpose, and structure of this course.

Meet the teacher:

Chelli is a homeschool mom to three children, ages 17, 13, and 11. She tries to follow Charlotte Mason's principles as much as possible in her homeschool but is too much of a rebel to do it perfectly. She has spoken at retreats and conventions about homeschooling, especially how to teach writing. She teaches high school, middle school, and elementary level writing and literature classes online. Chelli has also written a year-long homeschool devotional book, Revitalize: Breathing Life and Encouragement into Your Homeschool.