Cycle 3 Base Curriculum Online


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Our open and go main curriculum includes everything you need to incorporate Charlotte Mason methods into your school day for all subjects- just add Math and purchase the scheduled books for each subject!

The Weekly Lesson plans for 36 weeks are in editable spreadsheet format and easy to individualize for your family. 

Choose between schedules for 4 or 5 day school weeks to fit your family’s week!

A digital booklist makes it simple to find the books that you need for each subject in each Form- and we include links to many books in audiobook format!

In the Five Day Introduction Course, Julie walks you through each part of the entire curriculum, while the Parent Packet gives subject by subject explanations of how Miss Mason approached each part of the Feast, and how to incorporate these with your own family. 

Also included in the digital plans are: 

  • Tea Time plans
  • “Plan Your Week” videos
  • Full booklist for this cycle
  • Editable exam questions
  • Scope and sequence across all 4 Cycles
  • High School Science plans
  • Foreign Language plans for each Form
  • as well as links to resources for handicrafts, solfa, Swedish Drill, drawing, map drills and more! 

Canadian supplement resources are also included in this product!

See a sample of the books used in Cycle 3

Your purchase includes lifetime access to all of these resources, as well as access to our supportive and informational Members Only Facebook Group!

*A pdf of the printed manual is not available with the digital version

Cycle 3  includes plans for all of the following: 

  • AMERICAN HISTORY (ALL GRADES) 1800-1900 AD (which includes topics such as (Westward Expansion, The Civil War, Reconstruction)
  • BRITISH/WORLD HISTORY (GRADES 4-12) 1800-1900AD (which includes topics such as Florence Nightengale, Queen Victoria, British Colonization, and more)
  • ANCIENT HISTORY (GRADES 5-12)  Ancient Rome
  • FAMILY SCIENCE (GRADES 4-8) Louis Pasteur and The Human Body,Thomas Edison and Electricity
  • OTHER SUBJECTS such as Natural History, Geography, Literature, Foreign Languages, High School Sciences, Shakespeare and more