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Scouting For Wild Ones: A Comprehensive Curriculum

Whether you are just starting to explore the natural world or have been for years, Scouting for Wild Ones is a fun and straightforward way to get your family or group active and engaged outdoors. The subject of scouting includes aspects of Citizenship, geography, handicrafts, nature study and more. As a homeschooler or a weekend explorer, you will find this course will give your children a foundation for important life skills and encourage a love for natural space spaces and wild creatures. Brittney McGann has complied all of her work and research from teaching her own scouting groups into a scripted format to make lessons easy for you. Lessons also include group activities and personal challenges to encourage independence and self direction. Children as young as six will find themselves capable and adults will find that they are challenged to hone their senses and learn alongside the scouts.

Scouting for Wild Ones can be completed over the course of a year or more with family style groups. This scouting course offers scripted lessons and hands on activities to give an introduction to outdoor life. Scouts have the opportunity to earn badges thru skill tests (badge stickers sold separately). It is the goal of this particular scheme of scouting to first teach the children to noice, and then to marvel at the world around them through lessons in observation, animal, stalking, and tracking. Later, scouts will develop more complex skills like compass work, knot tying, making camp, and weather predictions.

"When stripped downs to its most basic idea, the object of scouting is simply this: to teach the scout to care. If he can be taught to care, about his family, his friends and all created things- it follows naturally that out of this care- this love, he would have a desire to serve and to do his duty." - Brittney McGann

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Listen to an interview with Brittney about scouting in our modern world.

About the author: Brittney McGann left her career as a high end hairstylist to homeschool her children in 2011. Since then she has researched and written on Charlotte Mason education, hosted and presented at retreats and leads two Charlotte Mason focused homeschool groups, including a family scouting group. Brittney wrote introductions to and facilitated the republication of sloyd books Paper Modelling, by M. Swannell and Cardboard Modelling, by William Heaton. She and her husband are working to restore native trees and wildflowers to their 3.5 acres in North Carolina. Along with their three children Brittney and her husband currently share their home with two guinea pigs, two rabbits, three guinea fowl and a few dozen luna moth cocoons.