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Welcome to your two week trial of A Gentle Feast. This is just a sampling of all the amazing tools you get with A Gentle Feast. Please know this is just a sample and changes may have been made to the most current version of the cycle you wish to purchase. First of all, let me show you around the base online curriculum:

Now you are ready to get your books and look at the online plans:

Cycle 1 Booklist

Cycle 1 Morning Time Plans

Cycle 1 Form I (Lower Elementary) Plans

Cycle 1 Form II (Upper Elementary) Plans

Cycle 1 Form III (Junior High) Plans

Cycle 1 Form IV (Senior High) Plans

Are you a printed book kinda person? Well, A Gentle Feast has beautiful, full color printed products that make smooth and easy days effortless.


Cycle 1 Morning Time Teacher’s Manual

Teaching Language Arts is a piece of cake with these integrated student packets.

Form I (grades 1-3)

Form II (grades 4-6)

Form III (7-9)

Form IV (grades 10-12)

If you have any questions, you can email me at [email protected]. Our Facebook group is also a great place to find answers. You can join that free group HERE.