Welcome to February, the hardest homeschooling month of the year. Very much like a marathon runner “hitting the wall” at about the 11th mile, February is often the time when we feel like we too are hitting the proverbial wall in our homeschooling. It can be a feeling of discontent in some areas, feeling like things aren’t working, or feeling like things are getting harder. In this post, I’d like to offer 3 friendly tips to consider as you press on toward that end-of-school-year finish line.

TIP #1: Adjust Your Pace

No runner can maintain a sprinter’s pace over a long distance. It’s important in homeschooling to find a pace that you can feel good about, so that you can continue to finish the race well. Nobody wants to be limping (or God forbid, collapsing) across the finish line, right? So please consider these thoughts:

  • Consider what you want to feel like by the end of the year 
  • Consider slowing down this month and taking things easy
  • Consider what subjects are your top priorities
  • Consider letting a few things go
  • Consider using my free February Recharge Challenge
  • Consider taking 5 to 30 minutes each Sunday to plan your week
  • Consider keeping your plans simple (I use a ten-cent spiral notebook 😀)

TIP #2: You Need to Refuel

A runner cannot finish a marathon without water, Gatorade, and energy boosts throughout the race. One of the reasons why we feel like we’re hitting that wall in February is because we are feeling depleted and in need of an energy boost. I would like to suggest establishing what the author of an article in the Parents’ Review calls “mother culture”, which simply means taking some time to refuel and take care of yourself. Consider some of these examples:

  • Go on a thirty minute walk
  • Turn up your favorite tunes and have a 15-minute dance party
  • Paint your nails 
  • Lay down your yoga mat and do some stretching – invite your kids to join you

TIP #3: Think Through Your Mindset

Running a marathon is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical challenge. In this homeschooling marathon, your mindset is everything! It is crucial that when our minds go to, “This is so hard. This is so challenging. I don’t know if I can do this”, we are ready to replace those crippling thoughts with, “I’m strong. I’m going to get through this. I’m going to keep going.” When this happens with me, I tell myself to “Drop and give me 20!” Not 20 push-ups, but 20 “thank you’s”. I grab my notebook and start writing down things that I’m thankful for because I want to end the race well. Don’t let negative thoughts and negative circumstances dictate your mindset. Operate from a mindset of contentment.

I hope you have an awesome February. I can’t wait to hear what amazing things you’re going to do this month and how things are going to change. As you get closer to that finish line, I hope that you can hear the crowd cheering for you to finish strong. Just know that I am one of them. 

Keep living boldly!

Julie Ross