5 Easy Ways to Incorporate Poetry into Your Homeschool Routine

Poetry can seem daunting to both teach and learn- anyone else have Poetry PTSD from high school- here’s looking at you Mr. iambic pentameter.

But when poetry is incorporated naturally into your homeschool routine, it can enrich your family’s educational experience and enhance your children’s love for language.

Here are five easy and enjoyable ways to weave the beauty of poetry into your everyday homeschool life.

1. Start with Morning Time Poetry

Morning time is a wonderful opportunity to introduce poetry. Begin by selecting a few poems that resonate with your family’s interests or align with the seasons of the year. Read one poem aloud each morning; the repetition not only aids in memorization but also deepens understanding and appreciation over time. This gentle start can set a reflective tone for the day and make poetry a cherished part of your routine. Not sure what to pick? We include poetry selections into our Morning Time materials.

2. Create a Poetry Basket

Put together a “poetry basket” filled with various poetry books—both anthologies and works by specific poets. Include a mix of classic and contemporary poets, and don’t forget to add some illustrated poetry books for younger children. Place this basket in a common area where your kids can easily access it during free time. Encourage them to explore the books at their leisure, fostering a natural curiosity and love for poetry.

3. Incorporate Poetry in Nature Studies

When your homeschool day takes you outdoors for nature studies, bring along a poetry book that complements the natural surroundings. Poems about trees, animals, or seasons can enrich the sensory experience of being in nature. Read aloud amidst the backdrop of the natural world, or encourage your children to create their own simple poems inspired by what they observe.

4. Host a Weekly Poetry Tea Time

Make poetry a festive occasion by hosting a weekly “Poetry Tea Time.” Set the table with some snacks, a pot of tea (or juice for the little ones), and a stack of poetry books. Each family member can choose a poem to read aloud. This not only helps children practice public speaking in a supportive environment but also turns reading poetry into a special event that everyone looks forward to. See my Amazon store for all my tea time favorites.

5. Use Poetry for Handwriting Practice

Instead of using random sentences for handwriting practice, use poetry! Copying poetry by hand can improve penmanship while also helping children absorb the rhythm, structure, and vocabulary of poems. Choose one poem a week and have your children write a few lines each day. This method also aids in memorization and gives them a sense of accomplishment as they see the poem build up over the week. Want to take out the guess work? We include poetry selections in our Language Arts packets.

Integrating poetry into your homeschool doesn’t have to be formal or forced- thank goodness!

By making poetry a natural and enjoyable part of your day, you’ll give your children the tools to appreciate and explore the richness of language in a whole new way. Not only does poetry enhance linguistic skills, but it also cultivates sensitivity, creativity, and a deep connection to the emotional and natural world.